TE-323 Canister Sampler

The canister sampler meets all requirements of EPA Compendium Method TO-14/TO-15 and meets EPA protocols for collection of ambient Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  • Instruction on how to operate sampler is on the menu on the front operating panel
  • Remote starting on all 3 sample channels from your site data logger.
  • Sampler will operate on 100 to 240v ac 50/60 hz or 12 dc battery, car lighter, solar panels, UPS system.
  • 19-inch rack mount and table top rubber feet.
  • Condensation trap.
  • Flow rates are 1-300 ml/min.
  • Individual stainless steel vacuum and pressure gauges for each canister port.
  • Each channel has its own elapsed timers for the pump and sample to ensure chain of custody and Q. C. management of data.
  • Lights for each sample channel allows the site operator to see what is running in a noisy shelter.
  • PV has battery back-up and will retain memory and on/off times for 365 days when sampler is off or unplugged.
  • A three-way valve allows the sampler to purge itself and adjustment of the flow rate just before the canister ports. When the sample starts to the canister it takes the flowmeter out of the sample
  • TE-232-1 instrument shelter for this sampler, with remote sampling, batter power, solar panel charging system.
  • Auto lighter plug for source sampling or emergency response.
  • Run two or three cans at once to Q.A. canisters from field site.
  • Sampler will fill 6 liter can in 40 min. or less to 10 psi
  • Sampler can be ordered with one to three channels
  • Add on channels: up to a total of 8 canister channels.
  • Extra flow regulations can also be added to allow use of different run times
  • There is no limit on sampling events.
  • Save labor with a multi-event sampler.
  • Proven dependability in state agencies.