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M2 Series Stand alone toxic gas transmitter

The M2 series detects LEL combustibles, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, or carbon monoxide. It utilizes a magnetic wand technique for performing non-intrusive calibration. The M2 provides an automatic zero drift correction feature, which results in more stable readings and reduces the need for adjustments due to sensor aging.

  • Operates independent of a controller
  • Direct digital readout on backlit LCD
  • Available for LEL, H2S, CO, and O2
  • 4-20 mA & digital Modbus outputs standard
  • Non-intrusive calibration via magnetic wand
  • 2 fully programmable alarm relays & fail relay
  • H2 specific LEL version available
  • Infrared combustible version available
  • Patented water repellent sensor coating
  • User friendly setup push buttons & LCD menus
  • CSA, and/or UL approved